Mercury 603 Laser Cutting System

Mercury 603 is an innovative professional cutting & raster marking system for sheet and/or roll materials. Materials such plastics, leather, wood, fabric, technical textiles and metals can be processed using a range of CO2. Laser sources. The Mercury is available in 5 different sizes from 1300 x 1300mm up to 2500 x 3000 mm.


Linear motors provide exceptional accuracy and high productivity, coupled with a choice of class 1 (fully enclosed) or class 4 (open structure with safety beams) provides a safe working environment even on large working areas up to 2500 x 3000 mm. The Mercury 603 offers the state-of-the art in the world of lasers systems.


CO2 sealed laser sources from 115 watts up to 1500 watts match reliability, quality, stability and a long lifetime with extremely low maintenance costs. All laser sources offer a red visible laser beam to ensure accurate positioning of the processing head prior to the start of the job. A magnetic breakaway head assembly id provided with air assist directed through the nozzle assembly.


Several laser beds are available for the Mercury 603, the choice of bed will depend on the material being processed. Air and fumes are drawn through the table by high volume vacuum pumps controlled automatically via the operating software ICARO, suction can also be directed across the top of the work surface to ensure a clean fume free product.


A wide range of options provide a high level of flexibility, options include conveyors, loading & unloading tables, front or rear sliding tables, CCD camera system, 3D & rotary processing.


The heart of Mercury is a brand new control system driven by the powerful proprietary Software known as "ICARO" developed by SEI as an easy user friendly interface between the machine and operator.


Mercury 603 Image Gallery


Mercury 603 Video Gallery

Video 01

Mercury Marking & Cutting Acrylic

Video 02

Mercury DC10 + Semi Auto Sliding Table Cutting Acrylic

Video 03

Mercury Cutting Wood Parquet

Video 04

Mercury Cutting with CCD

Video 05

Mercury Cutting Veneer

Video 06

Mercury Cutting Leather Showing Covers

Video 07

Mercury Cutting Corrugated


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