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Icaro enables the operator to import multiple files to be executed as a single work piece. Each imported file which can be composed of multiple contours is maintained as an object, each contour can be changed and processed as a single piece of work.


A different colour can be associated with each contour, a set of unique working parameters (speed, frequency, focal height, power ext) can then be specified for each colour/contour. The structural file including the working parameters can then be saved with a file name within a library, this is particularly useful when the same job is run regularly.


It is also possible the save the working parameters separately within a library containing materials, a file is given a name enabling the correct working parameters’ to be retrieved for a specific material.


List of the functions:


Vector file import formats:


  • DXF arcs and lines maintaining the layer name

  • HP/GL arcs and lines or vector with recognizable and configurable scale factor.


File manipulation functions:


  • Scale : Resize each individual object with absolute values in percentage or in dynamic mode by using the mouse.

  • Rotate: Rotate an object a specific number of degrees with reference to a specified centerpoint.

  • Move: Relocates an object on the working surface using relative or absolute coordinates or dynamically with the mouse.

  • Align: Aligns two or more objects along a unique axis either vertically or horizontally.

  • Delete: Deletes an object or part of an object.

  • Enable/ disable: Selects the objects to be processed.

  • Divide/ match: Divides a single object into two or more objects or vice versa.

  • Flip: Creates either the vertical or horizontal mirror of an object.

  • Copy: Copies the selected object.

  • Nest: Duplicates the object as defined per the number of lines and columns.

  • Fill: Creates a series of parallel lines which fill the enclosed contour.

  • Optimisation: Closes open contours, orders the sequence in accordance with the pens, optimises the cutting sequence by reducing the shifting movements, and orders the execution of the internal contours followed by the external contours.

  • Contour drive: Enables the selection of the execution sequence manually, to invert the contour work direction, and to add entry and exit points in the contour cutting.


Work functions:


  • Work simulation

  • Definition of the end work point

  • Definition of the clearing position for shifting movements

  • Material thickness assignment via software

  • Piece meter

  • Assignment of a different vertical position for each pen and/or contour.

  • Assignment of different cutting methods (pulsed, energy mode, power mode).




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