Suitable Materials for Laser Marking


Laser (either CO2 or Yag) work on a wide range of materials including;


  • Metals: Carbon Steels  Stainless Steels, Aluminium, Copper, Kovar, Brass, Nickel, Titanium Gold  Silver.

  • Composites: Kevlar, Carbon, Graphite, Fibreglass.

  • Ceramics: Alumina, Glass, Zirconia, Silicon Carbide.

  • Organics: Wood, Leather, Paper, Rubber.

  • Plastics: ABS; Cevian, Cycolac, Lustran, Terluran, Triax, ASA; Centrex, Luran S Epoxy; Tactix Nylon PA  Durethan, Ultramid, Vestamid PBT; Celanex, Valox, Ultradur PC; Lexan, Makrolon, Apec PC/ABS; Bayblend, Cycoloy PE; HDPE; Hostalen, Baylon, VEstolen PEI; Ultem PET; Rynite, Ultradur, Vestodur PK; Carilon POM; Hostaforn, Delrin, Ultraform PP: Hostalen PP, Novolen, Vestolen P PPS; Fortron, Ryton, Tedur PS; Polystyrol, Vestyron PTFE; Teflon, Hostaflon TF PVC; Hostalit, Vestolit, Vinnol SAN; Luran, Lustran, Tyril TPU; Texin

  • Coatings: Paint, Anodizing, Inks, Oxides.

  • Thin Films: Polyesters, Polyimides, Polyamides, Acrylates.

  • Semiconductors: Silicon (Si), Gallium Arsenide (GaAs), Mercury Cadmium Telluride (HgCdTe).


And the list of laser markable plastics is forever increasing.


Laser Marking Applications

Currently, the largest sector utilising laser marking is the automotive industry and the many suppliers within the industry. In addition to marking individual components, lasers can be used to mark entire vehicles directly and/or indirectly with labels. Many applications are also found in the electrical engineering industry, both for the production of components and semiconductors.


In production, laser marking is used, for example, for identifying components, to be able to track parts after they have been manufactured (e.g. material data, serial number, name plates), to document the production level or to mark parts with a certain design (e.g. symbology - customer or manufacturer logo). More information is available regarding particular examples of laser applications in the Automotive Industry and for Industrial plastics and metals.




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