Why Choose Laser Engrave


Safety : Laser engraving requires no tooling, the process is abrasion and contact free and unlike traditional methods the process is carried out within a class 1 enclosure providing a safe environment away from moving parts which are common in cutting machines. Couples with a fume filtration/ extraction unit all waste particles are safely removed and filtered.


Quality : The laser process produces high quality clean cut edges even on the finest detail.


Speed : Lasers offers significantly higher speeds  over conventional tooling methods of engraving, the result is better productivity and throughput over conventional systems such as saws and routers.


Simple to Operate :  The laser engraving machines are PC driven with our own  software known as “ICARO” this simple interface with the machine is Windows based , networked to your CAD system for easy file transfer, engraving parameters with include focus, speed and laser power and stored for easy retrieval. Even a novice operator can be trained and fully compliant with the software within a day.


It Makes Business Sense : Laser engraving delivers high quality work , using the latest laser sources which are reliability and cost effective. Jobs requires minimal set up time and as the process is non-contact no clamping is required, this in turn delivers elaborate engraving  quickly  with low set up times that can be repeated time and time again. Offering maximum productivity for a range of applications, Laser Systems laser engravers increase revenue opportunities, offer long-term investment protection, with limited downtime and servicing. The result is a high ROI.



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