G8 Marking and Engraving System

The new G8 is a state of the art engraving & marking laser system available with a choice of lasers, the new 12 watt (end pumped) laser3  as well as the 30 watt DPSS (side pumped) YAG. All G8 components; laser source, optics, mechanics, electronics and software have been designed to achieve the highest performances available within today’s market for this range of products. The standard specification of the G8 system includes the latest generation of the highly proclaimed digitally controlled galvometric scanning head, exclusively designed by SEI S.p.a. This ensures the very best performances in terms of quality, speed and flexibility. The G8 system is particularly effective for quality contrast colour marking of metals & plastics, engraving is also achieved to a very high standard.


Thanks to the unique functionality of the Automatic Mode Selector (Laser Mode) it is now possible to select via the software, the size of the laser spot, thus enabling a spot size ranging from 15 microns for engraving numerous metals up to a spot size 10 times larger to mark text and logos “fields” of large sizes. Another remarkable feature of the G8 system is represented by the presence of a “dynamic beam expander”, this enables the laser spot size to be driven dynamically adjusting the spot size of the laser via software, producing high quality engraving/marking even on items with different surfaces heights.


The system also features a red laser beam enabling the marking size and shape to be projected onto the work surface, this is extremely useful as a referencing tool enabling correct positioning of the marking area relative to the work surface as well as improving efficiency of the loading/unloading and setup operations.


The G8 features a full width front opening cover providing excellent access to the 450x 450 mm T bar aluminium working area enabling quick/easy loading & unloading operations. Additional access is also provided by two hinged side panels for even greater accessibility for marking larger pieces/components. The Z axis has an automatic 300 mm stroke programmable via the Icaro software. This feature enables the G8 to process a wide range of sizes and shapes, even fields greater than the work area can be processed. Three focal lenses are available providing 60 x 60, 110 x 110 and 180 x 180 working areas.


The G8 is available with many different accessories including a CCD camera (to remotely inspect and positioning material) with USB connection, a rotary attachment controlled via the Icaro software to process cylindrical surfaces.


These options complete the systems impressive specifications and make the G8 the right solution for small craft companies up to larger industry/manufacturing companies.


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