Laser3 Marking and Engraving System

LASER3 is the latest laser marking system exploiting long life DPSS technology operating within the infrared spectrum (1064nm). Besides an extremely compact size, the main feature of this laser system is the so called “All in One” solution: the laser cavity, scan head and full digital electronic control are fitted in a unique small cube measuring just 360 x 260 x 200 mm.


LASER3 meets the growing demand in the bar coding and laser marking markets for product traceability and flexible programmable processes. LASER3 is ideally suited to marking logos, alphanumeric codes, bi-three dimensional bar codes (data matrix) on materials such as plastics, silicon and PCB surfaces. Thanks to the high peak power available it removes coatings on both flat and uneven surfaces with extraordinary high accuracy (TEM00 output with M2<1.5 and lower spot sizes than 25 microns).


Another advantage of the system is a high thermal stability: LASER3 avails itself of fan air-thermostable cooling system TEC thermo–electric cooled technology providing a constant temperature output in the range of 10 to 40°C. The estimated average laser output is over 20,000 (MTBM). LASER3 is designed to work in a stand alone mode (without PC) and mark on the fly as a part of a production line. LASER3 is also equipped with digital I/O’s serial ports RS 232/ 485 and can be connected to a LAN 10/100 network. The flexible design enables the system to be configured for OEM users.


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